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To commemorate our 5 years work, we held an event called ‘Pot Meets Rock’. Before this PMP’s known very much close with Dub music, Reggae, and Drum & Bass, this time we intended to present other kind of music, which is Rock music.

The event itself was held on March 30th 2014 at Sugar & Cream, Bandung, and it was greeted very well by Bandung’s music lovers and PMP’s loyal customers. This can be seen from the great crowds who spent their time going to the event, along with the band line ups which we feel perfectly represents PMP’s attitude.


Opened by the performance from Echolight, followed by the Slave, who just recently released they’re first album. Continued by the performance of Sigmun, which was really hypnotizing that they’re able to grab the crowds even closer to the stage. Not to forget the last two bands, rocking the stage that night, Raja Singa and Komunal.


Aside from those great bands, PMP also added a breakthrough presentation, the Pot Meets Rock Photo Exhibition. This artwork presents photograph of 50 musicians from 50 different bands, which include all genres, from the lowest underground scene to the most popular ones. Here they all share 1 thing in common, that they are all wears PMP Denim.


As we find that the event had attracted so many people at that time, we’ve concluded the event as a success. So we hope to see you guys again 2 years from now.

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